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  • Boyta i kvm: 11104 m²
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  • Mark: 11104 m²
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  • Napoli NAP: 34 Km
  • Foggia FOG: 116 Km
  • Pescara PSR: 139 Km
  • Roma CIA: 150 Km
For sale mainly residential building land, of a total of 11,104 square meters, located in Pastorano (CE), via Papa Giovanni Paolo II and via Sandro Pertini. The land falls in different areas of the current PUC:- residential area 10B2, 10B1, in which increases in the settlement load are permitted as reported in the NTA, these areas include: minimum lot for new buildings 500 m2 - if: 1.8 m3 / m2; Rep. cop. max: 3/10; hmax: 10.50 m; n.3 floors above ground.- zone F6 intended for a multifunctional complex of superior equipment and residences, after drawing up of P.U.A. with the value and capacity of the Detailed Implementation Plan, which must comply with the following indices: it of 1.8 cubic meters / m2; Coverage ratio of 4/10; standard for public and equipped green parking not less than 5,000 m2; 60% of the achievable volume is intended for the construction of residences and related destinations (shops, professional offices, garages, stores ...); 40% of the achievable volume is destined for the construction of the aforementioned equipment, which can be integrated and / or modified by CC resolution which decides the drafting of the PUA - PPE. Furthermore, a public-private equalization intervention is envisaged, which sell the land owned by the F6 area and obtain residential quota.These data are best described in the appraisal for each individual parcel of soil and in the attached CDU.This is uncultivated land rich in spontaneous vegetation, in addition to the presence of trees and the remains of a vineyard, it is in the complex in a state of neglect.Of the total 11,104 m2, approximately 6,279.25 m2 fall in zone B, approximately 2,536.03 m2 in zone F6 and approximately 2,208.72 m2 on the road. Therefore of the 2,536.03 m2 in area F6, 60% to be considered residential is approximately 1,521.80 m2.Particle 5207: 898 sq.m.Particle 5211: 425 sq.m.Particle 5: 6.305 sq.m.Particle 5485: 3.058 sq mParticle 468: 418 sq.m.Full ownership of:Land (CT): Sheet 1 - Particles 5207 and 5211Terrains (CT): Sheet 4 - Particles 5, 5485 and 468
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