Hus, 221 m²

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  • pris: € 45.563
  • tillstånd: Kräver totalrenovering
  • Boyta i kvm: 221 m²
  • Utsläpp rating: NA
  • Energiförbrukningen rating: 0.00
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  • Flygplatsen:
  • Venezia VCE: 32 Km
  • Venezia TSF: 49 Km
  • Bologna BLQ: 109 Km
  • Verona VRN: 109 Km
Subject of this sale is a single-family house with a shed and storage located in Chioggia (VE), in the locality of Ca Lino, in via dei Gelsi. The property is about 2.5 km from the tourist resort of Isola Verde and its beach. The area is peripheral, agricultural type. The single-family residential building consists of: an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and four rooms. On the north side there is a room used as a thermal power plant, in the east there is a room used as a roof and in the south there is a room currently used as a warehouse. An exclusive court is part of the sale.The building presents construction differences, viewable in attached appraisal.Residential housing area: 137.05 sq. MOpen shed commercial area: 30.10 sq. MCommercial surface of tool shed: 53.95 square metersFull property:Housing (CF): Sheet 67 - Particle 35 - Subaltern 1 - Cat. A / 3Canopy (CF): Sheet 67 - Particle 35 - Subaltern 2 - Cat. C / 7Deposit (CF): Sheet 67 - Particle 35 - Subordinate 3 - Cat. C / 2Deposit (CF): Sheet 67 - Particle 35 - Subaltern 4 - Cat. C / 2BCNC (CF): Sheet 67 - Particle 35 - Subaltern 5We accept offers up to a minimum value of 75% of the basic auction price.For more information contact our Area Contact Person.Publication carried out on behalf of the Creditor Proceeding.
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