Lägenhet, 80 m²

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  • pris: € 115.850
  • tillstånd: Totalrenoverad/inflyttningsklar
  • Boyta i kvm: 80 m²
  • Utsläpp rating: NA
  • Energiförbrukningen rating: 0.00
Avstånd till:
  • Flygplatsen:
  • Verona VRN: 15 Km
  • Verona VBS: 60 Km
  • Venezia TSF: 90 Km
  • Parma PMF: 91 Km
Subject of this sale is an apartment with garage and parking space in a residential complex called Borgo Rosella located in the town of San Martino Buon Albergo (VR), in a predominantly residential area. The area is included between the regional road 11 and the railway, in an area of ??completion to the west of the municipal territory near the border of the same.The compendium consists of seven blocks of buildings with four floors above ground, each with a stairwell and a lift, and connected by the basement where the garages are located. Access to the buildings is ensured by three paths leading to the internal central square which constitutes a common area, and from which the accesses to the various blocks are distributed.The sale includes a third and fourth floor apartment; at the third level the real estate unit consists of a studio apartment with a balcony and a bathroom; on the upper level there are two attic rooms with skylights.The bathroom is complete with all the sanitary. Floors and coatings on the first level are ceramic, while in the floorattic the flooring is parquet. The heating system is radiators, and there is also a summer air conditioning system. The external doors and windows are made of wood, equipped with double glazing and plastic roller shutters.The garage also includes a garage in the basement of the building and a parking space on the road.Real estate in good condition.Units identified in an expert opinion to subordinates 115, 191 and 282.
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