Slott 14 sovrum, 1200 m²


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  • tillstånd: Totalrenoverad/inflyttningsklar
  • Boyta i kvm: 1200 m²
  • Utsläpp rating: NA
  • Sovrum: 14
  • Badrum: 14
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  • Terrass
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  • Närmaste stad/inrättning: 1 Km
  • Strand: 110 Km
  • Skidort: 50 Km
  • Flygplatsen:
  • Roma CIA: 65 Km
  • Roma FCO: 73 Km
  • Perugia PEG: 80 Km
  • Pescara PSR: 127 Km
  • Castello di Vacine / Vacone Castle

    In Italy there is a special place far from everywhere.
    It is the Castle of Vacone.
    It is so ancient that also the stones forgot their origin. A place where the air is so crystalline, so brilliant that the eyes cannot be total open during those wonderful sunny days. A place where sometime the silence is so infinite to seem like a quivering buzzing, almost a melody. A place with a history so ancient, more than 1000 years, whose its memory is lost in the mists of time.
    Kings, countes, dukes, popes, have walked among those ancient walls, prayed in the silent chapel, rested their tired bodies under the centuries-old holm oak.
    Everything is magic. Everything is mistery. Everything is fascinating.
    The Castle is located in one of those small Italian villages where people still live a hundred years ago. There is no traffic, no noise. no pollution. The few inhabitants live happily in peace and quiet and surrounded by a nature of extraordinary beauty.
    This Castle is for sale.
    It is looking for a gentleman or a gentlewoman who loves it and takes care of it. Bringing it back to its ancient splendor. And finally the silence will break and in the silent rooms songs and voices will resound. Everything will come back to life.

    The Castle of Vacone dates back to the early 1000 and it dominates the centre of a small medieval hill top town, called Vacone (a gorgeous typical Italian village).
    The Castle was founded on the roman's dea Vacuna ancient temple and lots of aristocratic Italian family lived there, like Orsini, Spada, Caetani, Marini Clarelli.
    Vacone is located in Lazio (in the Sabina Hills) near Rome: only an hour drive from Rome and its airports (70 km about 45 miles).
    Only 240 people lives in Vacone and the Castle overlook the entire valley. Only one way to arrive on the top and here you can have an extraordinary panoramic view over the valley and the hillrange. No pollution or noise there are around. The air is very clean. The area is known for its quiet pristine nature, agricultural economy and no industrial pollution. 
    The Castle has two buildings on three levels, 32 rooms (almost with bathroom), a courtyard and a garden. About ten years ago some renovation has been done in the oldest part of the Castle and electrical system, central gas heating, hydraulic system are renovated.
    In the cellars of one building there are the old kitchens with a big chimney and old fire-cooking. Until 15 years ago, a famous restaurant was located here and people arrived from all part of Lazio to eat there.
    The building still has a lot of original ornaments and several elegant spacious reception areas
    In the Castle there are a lot of particularly place: a secret little window on an adjacent church where is possible to watch Mass; a very big underground cistern for rain water about 5000 liter; a secular centenary plant of live oak; a secret garden.
    From the Castle’s tower, there is a beautiful sight on the Sabina Hills of Lazio. 
    All the structure is still in good conditions.
    The Castle is an excellent opportunity to be developed as an hotel/congress centre or retreat/silence centre or restaurant.
    It’s possible convert the Castle in "antica dimora" by cooperation with the Department of "Italian Beni Culturali". Meaning that it is possible to have soft loans and funding for the restoration.
    This magic and fascinating place could begin a little kingdom in Italy for the next owner.

    Vacone's history
    The Vacone Castle has its origins in the pre-Roman era. Indeed it is possible that there was an ancient shrine devoted to the Sabine goddess Vacuna, for whom the castle was named, located on the acropolis of the hill.
    The very first news about the castle appear during the Medieval era. As a matter of fact in 1027 Susanna of Landolfo and Taxia and her husband Attone gave all her parents inheritance in the Vacone castle to the monastery of Farfa. Then it went to the Ogdolina family that sold the castle to  Pope Gregorio IX in 1237.
    In 1364 the castle went to Orsini and in 1518 Cecilia Orsini gave it as her dowry to Alberto Pio di Savoia. Then it went to Caetani by inheritance, and the same year they sell it to the Count Gasparo Spada.
    In 1724 the castle was sold to the noble Nicolò Clarelli whose descendants lived there until they sold it to the Cirillo family in 1990.
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