Hus på landet 3 sovrum, 567 m²

Referens: Casa 001

  • pris: € 330.000 förhandlingsbart
  • tillstånd: Kräver totalrenovering
  • Boyta i kvm: 567 m²
  • Utsläpp rating: NA
  • Sovrum: 3
  • Badrum: 2
  • Mark: 21000 m²
  • Källare
Avstånd till:
  • Närmaste stad/inrättning: 0.5 Km
  • Strand: 23 Km
  • Flygplatsen:
  • Brindisi BDS: 57 Km
  • Bari BRI: 162 Km
  • Crotone CRV: 166 Km
  • Lamezia Terme SUF: 223 Km
  • Old villa situated in the heart of the countryside of Salento, in the suburbs of Zollino. The property consists in a building dating back to the 19th century, enlarged subsequently (at the end of the 19th century) and with a further lateral part (first decades of 1900s). It is the typical countryside house of those years, characterised by the main compartments used as dwelling, and the lateral ones used as annexes and storage areas.

    The main building is composed of 7 main compartments with their annexes, all of which characterised by vaulted ceilings. There's another compartment leading to the rear one. The 5 lateral compartments are, in turn, characterised by vaulted ceilings. The villa has also a storage area, a cellar with a water tank in it.

    The property, well-maintained, doesn't have systems and fixtures, and the plasters are partly restorable. The floors, dating back to when the building was built, are restorable by means of polishing interventions.

    The main building has a 680 m² gross area, the storage building 60 m², and the cellar 75 m². Lastly, the property includes: entrance path, rear garden, ample plot of land (20,000 m²).

    This property is situated in the vicinity of the station of the Ferrovie del Sud-Est, a few hundred metres from the town centre, and from the “Superstrada Statale 16 Lecce-Maglie”. Nice possibility of luxury home, given its dimensions, other than being suitable for being used as tourist accommodation.
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