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L&G Properties SRLS

L&G Properties is a provider of property and construction consultancy services, established during 2006, in recognition of clients requiring construction consultancy services delivered in a personal and focused way by individuals with the appropriate experience, and professionalism, to deliver such services.

Whether a city, country or coastal property is required, L&G Properties Srl offers you a property search service to slim down the issues, addressing purchase, renovation and building cost while avoiding costly and redundant viewing trips.

The first step is to arrange a meeting to learn about your requirements and to discuss how the service works. Once received an assignment mandate, we advise on market conditions and how to maximise what is achievable for your budget within your chosen area(s). We will be your single point of contact and oversee the entire process, liaising with estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and other professional advisors on your behalf.

Each client has unique and specific requirements. We will work closely to create a focused brief from which we will start the search.

We will produce a comprehensive Property Report for each suitable property, removing the ones with issues not shown in the pictures or non compliance to urban planning regulation, avoiding costly viewing trips.

Having our in-house Architect and Chartered engineer gives us the opportunity to provide for a feasibility study of the building project, addressing the seismic issues as well as the bureaucratic constraints given by the Authorities.

The Property Report will include for local area information, property deeds search and urban planning compliance. We will also address basic renovation or building cost, producing a report so you will budget precisely the project from your home.

L&G has long standing relationships with estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and other professional advisors, who give detailed information on properties because they value the efficiency we bring to the home buying process and know L&G only looks after committed purchasers.

We oversee all research and evaluation on our client’s behalf. It is essential to establish a considered opinion of value before starting negotiations in order to give clients confidence in the price they ultimately pay.

Once the best properties have been selected, we assess the market price via best market value data given by “Agenzia delle Entrate” and other sources. In this way, L&G can cast influence, and sometimes prove critical, in tipping the balance in our clients’ favour, avoiding hidden fees or overpriced contracts.

Clients receive fortnight reports enabling them to review the work undertaken, to date, on their behalf. Reports review search activity and highlight any conclusions and/or changes to the brief.

Once a transaction is agreed, we proactively co-ordinate all parties and oversee the entire process on their client’s behalf. The aim is to ensure the purchase proceeds to completion as swiftly as possible.

Having full Membership status of UK and Italian professional bodies "Architect Registration Board" and "Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Potenza" and being registered as a building company, L&G Properties Srls can build/restore properties, using local craftsmen, issuing the regular sureties when receiving each payment. The contract will provide for an initial deposit followed by staged payments during the progress of the works. We will not increase building costs as, according to D.L. 4 luglio 2006, n. 223, our craftsmen are not subject to IVA/VAT. Our services are project and site management related, being registered professional, so we will add value to your Italy “place in the sun” project!

Mobile Phone: +39.329.1519060 (Arch. Joss Sibilla) +39.392.7786137 (CEng. Luigi Sibilla) 


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