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One of the most important need in one's life is to have a house to live in. Hence, sooner or later, one is supposed to deal with the real estate market.

The purchase of a property is a very important and significant moment: it might be the achievement of your dreams, the ultimate emancipation of a family as well as the possibility of creating one.

The work of those who daily deal with this fundamental phase of people's life is expected to be strictly and thoroughly regulated, mainly considering the possible catastrophic outcome for the clients, be they buyers or vendors, after a brokerage carried out neglectfully, or even disingenuously.

Moreover, everyday one can easily hear about a lot of frauds carried out by so-called real estate agents to the detriment of those who, in good faith, avails of “experts” without ascertaining their actual experience in this field.

This is the way a dream can become a nightmare, resulting in heavy loss of money and often debt loads which will affect for years the family balance.

The Dotta real estate agency was established in 2008 in order to adequatly assist people like you, keen to buy or rent a real estate availing of qualified experts, who know how to deal with all the problems of this field, being capable of providing you with all the answers you need.

In our office of Dogliani, in Piazza San Paolo 6, we can furthermore assist you with cadastral activities, thanks to the collaboration with the Studio Tecnico Associato Paolino-Olivero.

The owner of the agency, Emanuele Dotta, is a surveyor graduated at the “Studio Tecnico Commercial e per Geometri ''Baruffi'' ” , in Mondovì. In 2002 he got the license to practise freelance work which he kept practising up to 2007. In 2008 he joined the CCIAA at the register of the real estare brokers.

Dotta Immobiliare operates throughout the whole Italian territory and is strongly present in the Langhe and the area of Mondovì, especially to purchase farmhouses, that are esteemed by people from all over the world.

In addition, we can suggest properties to invest, flats and commercial properties already rented, but also farmhouses to rent out weekly.


Emanuele Dotta

Founder of the real estate agency, very expert and realiable. The great amount of commercial achievements and the great attention he pays to all the clients are the qualities which allowed him to stand out in the real estate buying and selling sector.

Calancea Lucia

Holding a bachelor in Languages, Cultures and modern Literatures, she has been dealing with the accounting since 2011 and is a useful interpreter speaking English, German, Russian and Romanian.

Valentina Marzotto

Has been collaborating with the Dotta Real Estate Agency since 2013. She deals with both traditional and online marketing, besides helping the owner in the acquisition and the management of the clients.

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