Acca Studio S.n.c.
Acca Studio S.n.c.

Acca Studio S.n.c.

Via IV Novembre, 52

+39 0344 31227

Our agency, one of the first in the real estate market in Como (1996), aims to offer to clients all the experience we have matured throughout all these years.
We will assist our customers in selecting the best property for their needs, and we will be working closely with them during the whole process. During this process we will support our clients with our experience in the fields, giving them the best service we can offer.

Over the years we have helped many customers from all over the world to find a suitable property here on the lake, assisting them step by step.

We manage all sorts of properties, from top-end villas, to homely rustici, and we strive to offer the best service, tailored to each individual.

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